Third Week Thoughts

As you may be able to extrapolate from the last post, life was at a bit of a low point last week. We were reading tons of environmental literature which, in total shameful honesty, I didn’t care about. God was never mentioned by student or faculty and anytime I attempted to bring faith up in a conversation I was only politely nodded at. Worst. Jonathan, you would have hated it- nobody wanted to TALK!!!!GRR.

Then, last Thursday and Friday, we went on a field trip to an old Indian reservation in the valley next to us. We met with 2 cattle ranchers, 1 water conversationalist, 1 biogeomorphologist (yup that is a real word and a real profession-basically they study the effect of rivers on the land and people), 3 Klamath Native Americans, and 1 California famer. The topic was a local river- the Williamson river as it weren(yes, I had gained such prestige in the first two weeks that they named a local river after me nbd)- and who deserved rights to the water. Although interesting, this trip did nothing to build community/friendships. We came back late Friday night and I was a bit bummed. Then I found out a former housemate Tina had gotten engaged as well as Matt Cambridge and Kendahl. The fact that I couldn’t celebrate with them piled on top of being alone and isolated in the mountains thousands of miles away from family (and Puzzle) hit me and I curled into bed hoping to fall into a coma for the next 3 months. Dramatic but true.

Saturday came and so did a good conversation with Mom and Dad. Seriously, if anyone is having problems, call Mom and Dad because they are basically the best listeners and advice givers. They offered me the option of coming home. I wrestled with it until Tuesday and finally decided to stick it out in Oregon. Honestly, there is no logic behind this, as an F I wanted to be home immediately, but there was something about my N that was pushing me to stay. I’m inclined to believe that push is God and so I’m staying. (I still recommend that you all come out for a visit though, just saying).


Sidenote-Jonathan one of my housemates ( a tall and beautiful blonde Texan) has your favorite Eleanor Roosevelt quote on her door, she is also a Philosophy minor and loves discussing deep abstract concepts…… did I mention she was attractive and funny and loves deep discussions….. perhaps another reason for you to come visit……


Another sidenote-focused on boosting the Williamson ego because we really need it- I am coming to realized how incredible our family is. We talk about everything. We discuss and converse and articulate. From talking with students out here I’m coming to the conclusion that we are the rarity of the world.

I love you all. Very much.

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