We Are Moving to Jakarta

Matt and I are moving to Jakarta, Indonesia in September. I have accepted a teaching partnership with the University of Indonesia endorsed by the U.S. Department of State. In the next four weeks we are purging, packing, and attempting to keep the panic at bay.

I applied for early admission to the English Language Fellows program back in September and have been impatiently awaiting my assignment ever since. We did not social media share about our plans for several reasons. Number one being that we didn’t know our plans. Number two being that there was no guarantee that I would be assigned a project this year and number three, we are private people. Take this moment to not be offended.

I wrote many drafts of this announcement, and reading back through them I am thankful that I hand-wrote the first stages which could be easily torn up and burned. The process of applying, interviewing, and waiting over the past ten months has been strenuous and my early drafts reflected the strain, self-doubt, and the daily frustration of triple checking my empty inbox. The excitement of being accepted  by the program in November was extinguished by the seven-month wait to be assigned. As I waited, I applied to more than seventy-five “plan B” international teaching positions. I interviewed at all hours of the day and night in attempts to find the middle ground for time differences.

By mid-June, I had not heard back from the program and accepted a position with a private language school in southern Italy. Less than a week after accepting, and after several new Italian-life inspired Pinterest board, the original program emailed me with a match in Jakarta. I interviewed, was offered the position, and through discussions with Matt, accepted. This launched us into a chaotic July. We immediately packed and stored away our winter gear which was no small feat for, as many of you know, Matt and I have made of an extravagant hobby of acquiring every coat we see. We installed a new furnace and water heater, demolished our chimney, and cleared out the pigeon-infested attic to use for storage.

In early August I will fly down to D.C for a week of training. Imagine your college orientation and now replace all the other acne-ridden eighteen-year-olds and replace them with highly qualified professors from around the world who have excelled in the education field longer than you’ve been able to independently use the restroom. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Bob Crow will make an appearance.

In Jakarta, I will split my time between teaching at the University and with the U.S. Embassy's language and culture programs. Beyond those vaguaries(not a word-but read as vague descriptions), I am not sure of what my daily routine and responsibilities will be. Here is a link to my assignment page if you are one of those detail people. The University will provide housing somewhere in the city and we are hoping to get our motorbike license for daily commuting. I will work with six other language fellows who have also been placed in Indonesia.

What will Matt do? Continue to work in marketing through freelance consulting and begin his application process for future graduate schools. Mostly he is telling everyone that he is going to learn to surf and buy a motorbike because obviously I actually got this job to bankroll his hobbies.

We are not apprehensive about living in a Muslim country. Please, if that the focus concern you have for us, think of something else to talk about.

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