All I want is a hand to hold

From his second night in the hospital, Luke has been a strong sucker. When the nurse in the hospital suggested giving him a pacifier in the hospital nursery, I protectively decided that I would keep Luke in my room with me, away from the evil habit-forming plugs. You see I prided myself on being well-read and knowledgeable in the area of dangerous and avoidable sleep props! And I had told myself I would never, never, never give my newborn a pacifier. Never! Well, I think that was my first mistake. Never say never in parenting, you fool. After three hours of constant screaming that night, we finally gave in to the pacifier. Into his mouth it went and, within 5 minutes, he was fast asleep for hours. I resigned to the pacifier, and I also resigned to never say never again.

During the brief moments in between Luke's blissful hours of pacifier addiction, he is starting to find his hands. Naturally wanting to suck on them, he keeps trying to bring them to his mouth with limited amounts of success. Sometimes he gets a knuckle in, and sometimes he, well, knuckles himself in the face. He has started to squirm with his arms so much that we are now swaddling him at night to keep him from waking himself up with a face punch. On more than one occasion I've gone into his room in the morning to wails of sorrow and a bleeding scratch on his forehead. It's like Fight Club for One.

Here's a video from one of his first attempts at sucking his own hand:

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