August Activities

August 25, 2012

I finally realized just how busy we've been lately when Luke woke up one morning and asked me, "Whose house we going to today Mommy?"  Wow.  Does he really expect that we'll see someone every day?  The truth is, we pretty much do.  My two stay-at-home-mom friends Mindie and Allison do a LOT of kid swapping with me, so Luke sees his friends all the time.  Here is the whole gang together.  Six boys - my oh my!

When we are at home, we are usually enjoying our new basement or our "new" backyard - new as in, its finally not 100 degrees outside and we can actually play out there.  I was setting up the pool for Luke a lot until I realized that his favorite activity is just filling the pool with water.  So now I skip the pool and just turn on the hose, and he's entertained for a LONG time.

Judah continues to grow much too quickly for me.  I wish he would just stop it already and stay a newborn forever. Sigh.  The things Judah likes to do lately is grin at me, coo, and try to decide which finger is best to suck on.  He usually decides that doesn't like any of them, gives up, and whines 'till I give him his pacifier.

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