Birthday Blossom

I am not much of a plant lover.  I have nothing against plants, it's just that they don't seem to like me.  My flower garden is constantly suffering and I can never seem to keep plants alive indoors for more than a few weeks.  

My dad gave me a beautiful orchid on the day of Luke's birth, which I cherished.  When the blossoms started to fall a month later, I decided to do something about it if I could.  I did some research online to get help.  I learned that my plant was not dying, just that the blossoming season was over, and if I kept watering it it would eventually regrow and blossom again.

All year long I have been watering it faithfully.  I was very excited when a little green shoot came out of the dirt back in the fall, but nothing seemed to happen for a few months.  Slowly, however, the little plant grew and grew.  And this morning I woke up to see:

a beautiful flower, blossoming on my birthday.  It's very special because Luke's birth orchid will be in full bloom again just in time for his first birthday.  I'm not always this sentimental, but come on, isn't that sweet??

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