Birthday freebies

...thursday, february 2, 2012...day 235...

It turns out that birthdays can be a bit lonely when you're a stay at home mom and your child is too young to give you any extra attention at all (or even just stop whining for five minutes) on your big day.  So I had to go out on the town and create my own fun.  Being on a tight budget this year, I decided to try and score as much free stuff I could today.  And I'd say I did pretty well.

Stop #1: Free breakfast at Denny's

Luke was very excited about Dennys because they had CRAYONS

Stop #2: Free lunch at Noodles & Company

Stop #3: Free dinner at Pietro's

Followed by a free movie at the theater... okay well that's only because we had a gift card.  But still!

Happy birthday to me!

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