Boo at the Zoo

Friday, October 26, 2012

Each year as Luke gets a little bit older, we seem to get a little more into Halloween.  Personally it's not my favorite holiday and I don't get very into it.  I'm not sure why.  Spider webs and skeletons never seem like pleasant-enough decor that I would want them in my home.  Haunted houses are off my list too, as I don't care for activities in which I pay money for other people to jump out at me. So far I have also managed to avoid the nasty mess of carving a pumpkin.  Yes, there you have it, I'm a Halloween scrooge. 

But don't think too poorly of me! I am not so bad as to deprive my children of Halloween festivities.  I think that my little guys look adorable in costumes, even if I don't want to dress up myself.  And I faithfully hand out candy to the 100+ people (kids, families, and sometimes just adults) that come to our door every year. 

To prove my dedication to making this an enjoyable holiday for my kids, we started early this year and went around town to the various Halloween festivities Grand Rapids has to offer.  This morning it was to "Boo at the Zoo".  Our local zoo is decorated for Halloween, and the Zoo School students hand out candy to visitors as they walk by.  Okay come on now, who's the cutest Lion and Giraffe you ever saw?


We toured the zoo with Luke's pal Logan, the two of them collecting candy at the various booths. Of course we had to visit the lions' den in honor of Luke, and the Komodo Dragon's cage in honor of Logan.  When we entered the reptile exhibit, however, Luke suddenly screamed in terror and ran into my arms.  Luke rarely gets startled by things, so I searched in surprise for the source of his fear.  It turned out to be a large turtle. I guess its mouth was exactly at eye level with Luke and it was moving all around, so that must have frightened him. So there you go, Luke was frightened by a turtle. Talk about Boo at the Zoo!

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