Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

First I must apologize to my avid readers for the delay in blog posts. I know both of you are very disappointed in me. Although some of the wait can be attributed to my general laziness/busyness, I have also experienced a few technical difficulties here at williamsonfamily.com.  A big thank you to my very talented and incredibly attractive webmaster for getting this blog up and running again.

We have so many great pictures from Christmas this year, its hard to choose which ones to share.  We spent over a week in Ann Arbor with not much to do - which was totally fabulous!  Here are a few shots to show you what each of us was up to.

Judah had a rough start to our week in Ann Arbor with the arrival of his very first tooth.  This made for some difficult nights for all of us.  During the day, however, he was still the happy little guy we're used to.  His gum pain was countered by his bliss at slowly mastering forward motion.  He enjoyed this new-found freedom tremendously by stealing as many toys as possible from his cousin.  Thankfully Christmas day brought plenty of presents for all, and Judah was able to scoot, steal, and chew to his heart's content.

Luke was of course in heaven all week.  Every day I watched him run around the house with one grown-up or another.  All of us would claim that Luke was "helping us" do what we wanted to do.  But let's be honest, Luke calls all the shots at Grandma and Grandpa's house. With so many grown-ups just lying around, that lucky child is guaranteed to always find someone to do his bidding.  This Christmas he enjoyed decorating the tree, making Christmas cookies, setting up Grandpa's train set, being read to, having a snowball fight, and of course, opening (lots) of presents.

Sam enjoyed taking pictures all week, especially after he received a new lens and camera backpack for Christmas.  I didn't realize it at the time, but looking through my folders, I can only find these two pictures of him. That little stinker.  He did relax and enjoy himself, and spent countless hours setting up trains and playing with his new spouse new toy, his Nexus tablet.

I (Michele) spent most of the week coercing people into playing board or card games with me, and I was not disappointed with the results.  I love all of the Christmas traditions we do every year with Sam's family, but vacation will never be vacation for me without the games!

A very belated Christmas to you from the Williamsons!

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