Chuck E Cheese

...saturday, november 5, 2011...day 146...

Since Ian spent the evening with us last night, we decided to treat the boys to their first ever Chuck E Cheese experience. To tell you the truth, Sam and I weren't convinced that bringing two toddlers to a place packed with kids and very rocklike SkeeBall balls was the best idea we'd ever had.  But thankfully, there was a safe and secluded little toddler area that was perfect for us.

Of course we had to venture out for a few token games. Anything with balls was a big hit for the boys.

Returning to the place of my childhood dreams brought back many memories for me, including the years between the ages of 9-11 when I painstakingly saved up 8000 tickets in order to purchase my ultimate dream prize: a Chuck E Cheese doll. Wow. I wonder whatever happened to that doll....  Anyway, as we only managed to collect a measly 26 tickets last night, we pooled our earnings to get some stickers for the boys, which they thoroughly enjoyed sticking all over each other.

Definitely an evening I'm sure we'll be repeating for many years to come!

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