Cool Ride

...6.21.11...day 7...

Luke had his two buddies Matthew and Ian over to play today, which was tons of fun. We stayed inside most of the day to keep out of the heat.  If I had known that it was actually 92 degrees, then I probably wouldn't have ventured to step outside at all, but as it was I thought it was about 80 out, and a short walk to the library sounded like fun for all.  So with Matthew snoozing in the carrier, I pitched our souped-up covered wagon to give the big boys a cool ride.  I got a LOT of funny looks hauling that thing through the library, but most people followed with an "aw, how cute!!" once they spotted Matthew sleeping away.  Gosh, babies get you a lot of attention! Sometimes its bad, sometimes its good, but its always there. (Okay I suppose when I walk down the street with three boys under 2 in tow, I'm just asking for people to stare.)

Anyway, here Luke and Ian are fighting over (excuse me, sharing) a graham cracker in said wagon.

Ian got half of the cracker in the end, which Luke wasn't too happy about.

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