Day 366

...thursday, june 14, 2012...day 366...

Well here we are, the very last day of my 365 project! (Okay, looking back, I probably should have dubbed it a "366" project, but really I don't think that has the same ring to it.)  The point is that I have been a stay at home mom for one full year!  And what a wonderful year it has been.

I was hoping to do some reflecting today, on this my last day of this year-long endeavor.  Sadly it turns out that the 39th week of pregnancy is not a great time to do reflecting, or really any other cohesive thinking for that matter.  So that blog post will have to wait.  Hopefully for now it will be enough to say, its been a great year, and I wouldn't trade my time at home with Luke for anything.  I love him so much that its hard to believe I'll soon have room in my heart to love ANOTHER little boy as much as I love this one!

Luke is very excited about the birth of his little brother (especially since it was made clear to him that Grandma will be coming to stay when the baby comes).  His understanding of the whole birth process is limited, of course.  He tells me, "Baby asleep. Mommy push! Baby wake up."  I think that's pretty good for a little guy who can't count from 1 to 10 without forgetting the number 4.   

He did inform me this week that the baby will be coming out of my belly button.  I really didn't feel the need to correct him ;)

Love and blessings to you all from the Williamson household.  Thanks for sticking with us this year!  We hope to have great news to share with you soon!

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