Double Birthday Bash

We threw a big bash DeJong-family-style last weekend in celebration of Luke and Becca's first birthdays.  Although these little cousins were born only two days apart, sometimes there seems to be far more than just 48 hours between them.  Luke always wears clothes a size larger than Becca, he weighs about 5 pounds more than her, and his stands several inches above her.  Just check out this picture below - who (doesn't) look like twins?

(Okay, to be fair, Luke's high chair is about 6 inches taller than Becca's in this picture. But still!)

Holding hands while they wait for their cake (how cute!):

But whatever Becca lacks in stature, she makes up in total adorableness. Just look at that fabulous cake face!

The whole gang was there for the gift-giving, including Andy and Hillary, sorta. This picture just cracks me up.

Cool Man Cody

Handmade blocks from Grandpa - we've been waiting for these! (They spell Luke's name. Pretty cool.)

I love birthdays!

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