Empty Tomb Rolls

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter is my favorite holiday, for spiritual reasons!  As far as Easter holiday traditions, however, I have very few.  I would like to make it an important holiday for my kids in the future, but dyed eggs and clay tomb projects seemed too advanced for Luke this year, so I decided to wait.   Instead we've been reading him the resurrection story over and over again out of his children's Bible. This afternoon when his friends were here I decided to try a new and very yummy sensory lesson - empty tomb rolls.

Following this recipe, the boys rolled a marshmallow "Jesus" in butter and spices and wrapped him in "cloth" crescent rolls.  Then we baked him in the "tomb" oven.  We had to wait a LONG TIME for the rolls to bake!  As we waited we talked about how sad Jesus' friends were when he went into the tomb.

Finally the rolls were ready.  We opened them up and what did we find??  No Jesus!

I brought out a fresh marshmallow out of the bag and explained how Jesus had come back to life! The boys loved it and the rolls were totally delicious!

As Luke says in this video, "Where is Jesus? He's not there - he got alive again!" 

He is risen!

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