Family Day at the Cottage

August 26, 2012

For many years, Sam's parents and his aunts and uncles have set aside one afternoon a month for a family get-together, where they have a meal, catch up, pray, and exchange gifts.  I have always loved these family times and appreciate the valuable relationships that they've allowed me to develop with Sam's aunts and uncles and cousins.  So I suggested to my in-town siblings that we try to do something similar - get together once a month to catch up with each other and give our kiddos a chance to stay connected.

Our very first of these "family days" took place at the cottage today, and we had a great time.  Though the water was chilly, it didn't stop the big kids from swimming and splashing to their hearts' content.  But we did manage to stop them briefly for one cute photo op.

Paige and Judah were very content to be held and smiled at all afternoon.  Look at this adorable pair :)

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