First Ornament

Well, we have a tree up this year.  And that, in my opinion, is an accomplishment!  It's a beautiful tree, made even more lovely by that fact that you can see so many of the bare branches.

Um, in other words, we don't have many ornaments.  We have maybe about 10.  Slightly pitiful, I know, but Sam and I didn't inherit any (and no Dad I don't want any of my handmade paper ornaments I left behind at your house), and we're too cheap to spend a lot of money on Christmas decorations.

So we decided it might be fun to start a new tradition of our own, and buy Luke one ornament every year.  Nothing fancy, personalized or expensive, just something that reminds us of what Luke was into that year.

So Luke and I took a trip down ornament lane together last week, and I searched for the ornament that I thought he would like best. There it was, hanging just for us at the end of the aisle. A small blue ball with a bell inside - just like his favorite toys at home.  I held it up to him, and he immediately grinned and grabbed for it, jingling it (and sucking on it) all the way to the checkout line.

So, our first new family Christmas tradition has begun!

Merry Christmas, Luke!

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