Friends from "far away"

August 30, 2012

My long-time friend Angela lives in California. That doesn't mean our kids can't be pals. In fact, Luke and Emma have met several times in the course of their short lives.  Angela, Emma, and baby David came for a visit at the end of August, and we had a blast together.  One highlight was our visit to Frederik Meijer Gardens.

Then it was dinner together at Grandma Becky and Papa Doug's house.  Luke showed us that he knows how to really capture a woman.

And finally, a morning play date with my old high school buds and our kiddos. Almost everyone made it into this shot (sorry Evelyn)!

As I write this post, its about a month since their visit, but Luke still asks about Emma a few times a week.  Our typical conversation goes something like this:

Luke: Where Emma?

Me: She's at her house.

Luke: Where Emma house?

Me: In California.

Luke: What that mean?

Me: Far away.

How do you explain these things to a 2-year-old?  Still, I'm grateful that they can know each other.  Thanks for the visit guys!

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