Getting Crafty to Pass the Time

...sunday, june 10, 2012...day 362...

We've got about one week left to go before my due date, and anyone who has been here knows how s-l-o-w-l-y the days pass by while waiting for the baby to come.  Obviously I've made no plans for the next few weeks, but that leaves me with lots of time on my hands and intermittent energy to get things done. I have found that the best activities in these last few days include the following:

1. lots of creativity

2. no stress  

Unfortunately for Sam, neither cooking dinner or cleaning the house meet the criteria.

My lovely cousin Megan is getting married in a few weeks, so for her bridal shower I decided to get crafty and try my hand at a picnic blanket.  This turned out to be a super fun project, not the least because it included a luxurious two hour trip to browse Joann Fabrics for the perfect materials (and shopping definitely meets the criteria for waiting-for-baby activities).  Also I got to play with the fancy letter stitching on my mom's old sewing machine, which made for a fabulous personalized picnic blanket.

It's weighted, water-proof, machine washable, and ties up with a ribbon.  I love it so much, I think this week I'll see if I can find time to make one for myself!  Go ahead and take your time, baby, I've got plenty to do!

ps. Thanks to this website for the idea & how-tos: http://www.designsponge.com/2009/04/diy-wednesdays-picnic-blanke.html

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