Judah and Grayson

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Okay, I know I only have two kids.  Right? So where did all this chaos come from?  Why does my house seem to be filled with children?

While it's true we don't go many places during the day, Luke and Judah are never short on playmates.  At least twice a week I'm either swapping with another stay-home mom, or helping out a friend who needs some childcare.  I love it that my boys get a chance to socialize, while I get to reap the benefits off free babysitting when I need it. (Date night, anyone?) Besides, there is a certain age at which having a friend over is actually easier than watching your child alone, and Luke is approaching that age. [CUE HAPPY DANCE] Judah? Ummm..... not so much.  His favorite pastime continues to be stealing toys from other kids and sucking on them, so yeah, that doesn't go over well with play mates.  

We had Ian and Grayson here for a few days this week. My two boys must have strategized ahead of time and decided to switch roles. ("We can't both be good. That would make life too easy for Mom!") So Luke decided to be the mean one, and was downright vicious when it came to protecting his toys.  There were lots of time-outs for that little guy.  Judah did continue to steal toys, but as he was stealing from 10-month-old Grayson, it hardly mattered.  The two of them got along splendidly.

I guess great minds think alike.

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