Judah's Baptism

Sunday, October 21, 2012

We had a wonderful day with family and friends as we celebrated Judah's baptism today!  The star of the show played his part perfectly by doing nothing except looking very cute.  I love watching babies being baptized.  They remind me that we are all as dependent on God's love and grace as we were the day we were born.

This is now the second boy I have had to dress for baptism, and I am starting to feel slightly underprivileged in my choice of church clothes.  There are rows and rows of fluffy white dresses at the stores, but where are the cute baptism outfits for boys??  I brought this dilemma to my friend Becky, who graciously offered to make something for Judah's special day.  With her help, we made an outfit for Luke too. They turned out so cute! We knew we'd be taking some family photos later in the day, so Sam and I wore similar colors too, not realizing we'd look quite so coordinated. Yeah, we're THAT family...

But hey, we got some great family photos!

After a baptism lunch at my dad's house, the family time continued for us as we spent the afternoon with Sam's extended family.  It was fun to see everyone and compare how the two littlest boys have grown. Here's GG with her two youngest grandsons. What a proud great grandma!

Thanks everyone for spending the day with us!

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