Judah's first bite

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Judah sleeps for a solid 8 hours every night without fail.  But seeing as how he goes to bed before 7:00pm, those hours of slumber don't get me very far into my much-needed rest.  I believe that it was during his second middle-of-the-night feeding last night that I finally made up my mind.  We are starting solids in the morning.  I've been holding off because he has seemed perfectly content with just milk so far. But I am willing to try anything that might help us achieve those 12-hour nights I am looking for!

Even before the first bite, Judah was very excited about the spoon.  He kept trying to grab it out of my hands.

Mmmm.... what's this stuff?

He ate up all the oatmeal like champ.  Where did my newborn go?  All I see is a happy and beautiful chubby little boy!  Now if only Mommy could get her beauty sleep too! 

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