Judah's Mullet Cut

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I recently discovered via my sisters’ blogs that all of their children had their hair cut this week as well.  Maybe it’s the spring weather that makes us moms start running for the scissors.  For me, it was when Judah wore a collared shirt on Easter. Then the hard fact that I had been denying for weeks became too obvious to ignore. Sad but true. My baby had grown a mullet.

Judah was in a rather cranky mood this afternoon, but the weather was nice and I was on a mission so I decided to give it a go.  He did not enjoy it, but did give me a few minutes without squirming and wailing.

I learned the hard way on my guinea pig first child that, in these situations, too little is far preferred to too much.  With this in mind, I was very tentative and only snipped what was absolutely necessary.  I didn't want to mess with his style. (That and once he started screaming I had to give up and call it good).

Before. Adorable yet impractical surfer dude style. 

After. Nothing I can do about the fluffy fro, but at least his neck, eyes and ears are free!

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