Just the two of us

...december 1-4, 2011...days 172-175...

Sam was out of town this past weekend, leaving Luke and I to find ways to entertain ourselves on our own.  With the help of our family and friends I would say we did not do too bad.

Luke spends every Thursday afternoon at Grandpa DJ's house, and on this Thursday I decided to join them for dinner.  Thus I discovered the kinds of things the two of them get into while I am gone.


Friday afternoon we visited our neighbors and played with them for a while. They have three preschool-aged girls who love to dote on Luke. He rather likes the attention, and was especially happy when they let us take their slide back to our house.

Saturday we drove to Ann Arbor to visit with Grandma W.  Luke is obsessed with her pool table and loves to take all of the balls out of the pockets and roll them around.

Luke did not fall asleep in the car on the way home on Sunday, despite the fact that it was far past bed time.  I let him play for a few minutes after we got home, and what did he discover sitting on top of one of our bags? Grandma has loaned us the coolest toy in the whole wide world - a football! 

Oh joy of joys.

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