Kansas City

...friday, march 16 - monday, march 19, 2012...

Well folks, we had some technical difficulties here at williamsonfamily.com, but I am happy to announce that the blog is up and functional again.  I can finally share some pictures of the adventures we had last weekend.

Last weekend, I made my first trip to Kansas City to spend a wonderful weekend with my college girlfriends.  The weather was hot and sunny and we had a fabulous time.  Some highlights include,

a long walk & picnic among the flowers in the arboretum

loosing to me at board games (just kidding)

going out for tapas and vino (make that cherry coke, for one of us) 

Meanwhile, Sam's parents came to Grand Rapids for a couple of days to help take care of Luke.  They took advantage of the glorious weather on Monday to visit the zoo.  Here are my favorite pics.



Luke, looking at bears

Bears, being looked at by Luke

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