Kid free weekend

...february 3-5, 2012...days 236-236...

This weekend Sam and I, along with 4 friends, inaugurated our family cottage as a winter resort. It was the first time that our new place has hosted anyone in the snowy months.  Although there was little snow, the weather outside was still cold, and we were happy to have plenty of cozy couches surrounding a roaring fire, where we could enjoy the pleasure of doing whatever we wanted (read: no toddlers to manage) for 48 straight hours.  It was wonderful. 
Sunset over the icy lake
Our summer swimming grounds look a little different this time of year
They surprised me with a lovely birthday cake!

Luke meanwhile enjoyed a fabulous weekend with his cousins, Cody and Allie.  We spent a few hours with them on Sunday afternoon and were able to see the kind of fun things he'd been doing all weekend.
Here they are enjoying their new swing set
Concentrating on his swing
Luke poses as we pray for our dinner before the Super Bowl

Thanks again Brian and Emily for watching our little man!

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