Lampshade Revamp

...friday, june 1, 2012...day 353...

I think its time that I put evidence on this blog that Sam has not been the only busy bee in this house lately.  Although I spend about half of my free time laying on the couch wishing I could see my toes again, in the other hours I have somehow found some spare energy to get some projects done.  The latest of these projects has been recovering our lampshades.

We registered for three matching lamps for our wedding six years ago.  The tan burlap lampshades have never been a favorite of mine, and finally a few weeks ago I decided that they had to go.


Having never attempted to revamp a lampshade, I tried (and failed) at several methods, including:

- spray painting (did not stick)

- recovering the current lampshade (burlap still showed through the new fabric)

- buying new lampshades (none of them attached in the same way)

I even considered making my own lampshades from scratch, which did not sound like a very happy project to me.  However, I was saved when I discovered three self-adhesive ready-to-cover lampshades at Joanns Fabrics.  Not the cheapest option, but at least I could customize them however I wanted. I had a gorgeous piece of cloth that my friend Paula brought back from Africa that I had been saving for something special, and this turned out to be the perfect home for it. So here is the first lampshade:

Sadly I discovered afterword that this gorgeous fabric does not match any of the current decor in our house.  So the lamp has a temporary home as a bed side lamp in our bedroom until it can find a permanent home in the room in the basement.  I love it!

Although I was determined to do this the thrifty way, I could not find any fabric in my stash that I felt would go great in our living room.  So I picked up some new fabric at the store this evening, and here the final two lampshades are:

(here's a nice before & after)


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