Legoland, sort of

January 10, 2013

Joanna has been a close and faithful friend for a long time.  When Luke was first born, she spent her spring break at my house cleaning up spit-up and changing his diapers.  She visits often and plays with Luke for hours and hours. You would think that this sort of devotion would create a strong affection for her in Luke's heart.  It did for a long time... until now.

I decided to be a bit adventurous and travel by myself with the two boys to visit Joanna and her husband Kyle in the city of Chicago. Two days before our trip, I explained to Luke that we would soon be visiting "Aunt Joanna and Uncle Kyle." Luke instantly got a big grin on his face. "Kyle has Legos!" he said. "I want to visit Uncle Kyle and play with the Legos!"  And every 5 minutes after that for the rest of the day, "Mommy, is it time to go to Uncle Kyle's house and play with Legos? Why not??"

You see, Kyle has a lot of Legos. A LOT.  I think that it's one of those, I can pretend this is an adult hobby if I'm really good at it things. And he is really good at it.  Last time we visited them, Kyle had several Lego cars, trucks and airplanes that Luke played with nonstop. So I'm really sorry for Joanna, but she seems to have been replaced by her husband in Luke's mind.  Poor thing. Who can compete with Legos for the affection of a little boy? 

Well we did go to Uncle Kyle's house and we did play with Legos. But I did not take any pictures of that (c'mon, they're just Legos). What I did take pictures of were the fabulous outings we took with Joanna around the city. The first was to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Judah had fun, too.

Our second trip was to the Nature Museum.  They had an awesome water exhibit that allowed kids to make lakes, change the course of rivers, and steer boats through locks.  Luke could have spent all day there!

We had a great trip.  I have to admit that Luke seemed to enjoy our outings even more than he enjoyed the Legos.  So there you go, Jo. You may still be able to win your place back in his heart!

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