Look Who's Two!

...saturday, february 11, 2012...day 244...

Luke's second birthday is here at last!  I say at last because people have been mistaking him for a 2-year-old for a while now.  This is not due to any exceptional speech or intelligence on his part but merely because of his size. :)

 We had a blast celebrating the day with the DeJong family and along with little Becca, who turns 2 on the 13th.

We took all of the kids to the Holland Aquatic Center for few hours in the water.  The boys were happy as long as there was a basketball at hand.

Oh yeah Cody!!

Luke and Sam, waiting for water to fall on them.

Dinner at the Haigs. Loved the Mickey/Minnie theme that Christy put together for our slightly-Disney-obsessed kiddos.

Becca loves her new handcrafted blocks from Grandpa.

This is Luke saying, "I'm two!"

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