Luke's (only) favorite vegetable

...thursday, march 15, 2012...day 277...

I used to be so proud of my dear sweet and easy (albeit chubby) son who would eat anything... well, those days are fading fast.  Little Garbage Disposal is slowly being replaced by Mr. Picky Eater, and I can't say I'm too happy about it.  I faithfully present my child with delicious vegetables every day, but honestly yesterday when Luke shoved a pea up his nostril I just about threw in the towel.  Sigh.

There is, however, ONE vegetable that Luke loves, and that is carrots.  I know that they don't really fulfill his green veggie vitamin needs, but hey, at least they're a vegetable.  We'll take what we can get I think and just give him a multivitamin for the rest. :)

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