Luke's favorite color

March 11, 2013

Well it happened.  Luke has finally chosen a favorite color.  I do not know when or how he settled on one.  He used to change is favorite color frequently; one day it would be red, the next day blue, the next day, "all of dem".  But he seems to have settled at last on a favorite color.  And alas.  It is pink.

Every morning when he gets dressed, he asks to wear his pink socks.  Then at breakfast, he asks for the pink plate and the pink bowl. After that, well.... he is really out of luck.  Because there is just no more pink to be had.  Honestly, there is not a single pink kids' item in our house besides those dishes and that one pair of socks.  Poor, poor Luke.

I'm not against pink for boys per say.  I love pink clothing pieces on little boys. Who doesn't?  And I know all of the arguments against socializing your boys against pink. It's just a color, after all!  But I have to admit that its starting to get a bit tricky.  Like when I asked Luke what color bike helmet he wanted for his new bike. (I know, I was asking for it.)  Of course, he wants pink.  A pink bike helmet, as you know, will not just be pink.  The background will be pink and it will be covered in purple flowers and red hearts and written across the front will be You Go Girl! in curly-cue writing.  Can I really, in good conscience, let my son wear that pink bike helmet out in public??

Sigh. Let the parenting dilemmas begin....

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