Luke's First Snow Day

The sun was shining outside my window this morning, making the 18" deep snow sparkle brightly with thousands of diamonds.  "We're going outside!" I exclaimed to Luke, who looked at me briefly before getting back to his work of emptying the entire contents of a cupboard out onto the floor. 

I never felt like spending the money to by Luke a snowsuit, but luckily I was given a used snowsuit from Sam's aunt.  If it looks to you like this snowsuit was made in the early nineties, well, it was.  Style diva as I am, I am not one to turn my nose down at "free".  So into the snow suit Luke went for his first time ever this morning.  Of course I had to document the whole process:

"Mommy I can't sit up in this thing!"

"Wow this snow is deep!" (This picture was taken during our first 30 seconds outside. That's why he's still smiling.)

"Okay it's starting to get cold now."

"This is not fun!"

A result of my torture: Luke's first snow angel.

"I think I'll enjoy this stuff more next year."

So we finished off our outdoor adventures with a walk through the neighborhood with Luke in the front pack and Toby on the leash, which everyone enjoyed thoroughly.  Happy snow day!

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