Luke's first word

I was on the phone with Sam last week and I said to Luke, "Daddy's on the phone!" Luke looked at the phone, looked at me, and said, "dada!"  Coincidence?  Okay,.... maybe.  BUT he has continued to talk to "dada" on the phone several times a day, via a play phone, a remote control, a graham cracker, or anything else he feels like holding up to his ear.  When Sam is home, we make sure to reiterate that "dada" is actually a person and not just the telephone.  And I think he's getting it!  What makes me extra happy is that "mama" arrived a few days later.  Every time Luke uses one of those two words, we get so excited that that's about all he says now.  

I brought Luke with me to school last week.  He does not have much stranger anxiety, but when he's at school he is a quiet as a mouse.  Although the kids were trying and trying to make him say something, he would not open his mouth.   That was, until advisory class.  I had Luke in the front carrier and was telling my students how Luke said "dada" for the first time.  When Luke heard the word come out of my mouth, he looked up at me and started cracking up.  The class roared with laughter.  Then Luke went on a stream of "dada"s for the next ten minutes, interrupting me every few seconds while I was trying to give instructions to the class.  I don't think they caught a word of it.

I do have one video in which Luke says "dada":

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