Luke's NCAA picks

For the last 8 years, my dad has organized a March Madness competition for our family.  We all pick a certain number of teams, and the person with the most wins gets a prize.  Grandchildren are allowed to enter the competition, as long as they participate some way in the picking process.

Last March, Luke was pretty limited in his ability to "choose" anything.  We basically read off the team names to him, and made our choices based on which ones he cried for the least.  This year, however, we wanted Luke to be much more involved.  So we pulled out one of his favorite toys, an alphabet spinner, and let him spin the letters of the teams that he wanted.

Luke's 2011 picks are Duke, San Diego St., Florida, Texas A&M,  and Clemson.  So far he's 4 for 5!

Gooooooo Duke!!

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