...monday, march 12, 2012....day 274...

Luke's vocabulary skills continue to grow, and as all toddlers do, he has developed a little language all of his own which we call "Lukese".  Many people tell me that his voice sounds "so cute", and if you don't agree with them, I don't want to know about it.  Since its inevitable that no one can understand Lukese except for his parents, I've included a translation guide for the next time you see him.

Boat Wawa - trs: I want to take a bath

Juice Wawa - trs: I want a sippy cup with 9/10 water and 1/10 apple juice (which for some reason I think is a real treat)

Pez Aqua - trs: I see a fish

Mickey Minnie - trs: I want to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Ehmo Beebird - trs: I want to watch Sesame street

Sissy Uke - trs: Look at me I'm being silly!

Crackers Cheese - trs: I want to eat my weight in cheese slices

Mo bahbies - trs: I want to eat my weight in berries/grapes/cherries

Yummy Pisa - trs: I had pizza sometime in the last year and I am just thinking about how yummy it was!

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