Made in Michigan

It has been a very busy past few weeks for us as we have been preparing for Luke's birthday parties. I say parties in the plural because somehow it worked out the best for us to celebrate Luke’s birthday THREE times instead of one.  What a spoiled little kid! Three times the birthday cake, three times the fun, three times the work for Mom and Dad, but hey we're so excited for our first child's birthday party that we don't mind the extra work.  Besides, our house hasn't been this clean in a long time!

First, we hosted a “Made in Michigan” party a week before Luke’s birthday to celebrate Luke and (after the kids were in bed) to have a tasting of Michigan wines.  Here are the pictures from the day.

Luke and Daddy had fun hanging out before the party.  Sam takes every opportunity to teach Luke how to be a real man.  Today's topics: how to play the guitar and how to wear a cowboy hat.

I made a yummy cake for the occasion, thanks to my Mom's old fabulous birthday cake book:

Luke had a blast playing with his buddy, Logan:

The birthday hat, however, did not go over very well:

Uh, Mom, isn't there more cake?

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