Not Sam's Birthday

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Today is technically Sam's 29th birthday.  I planned a fabulous birthday surprise lunch with his favorite two boys and his sister Rebekah (and me, of course).  Unfortunately the man had to get sick on his birthday.  He is in bed with the stomach flu, poor guy. So... scratch that idea.  It is no longer his birthday today.  I've decided that it will just have to be his birthday some other day this week.  Because honestly, being sick on your birthday s.u.c.k.s!

Having said that, I didn't see why Sam's ailments should keep the rest of us from having some fun today, so... off to see the butterflies we went!

What's that, you say?  Why that's a caterpillar forming his chrysalis! (Do NOT let a volunteer at Frederik Meijer Gardens hear you calling it a cocoon unless you want a five minute lecture. I got mine this morning.)  It took only 3 minutes for the caterpillar to weave up his chrysalis around his body, and we just happened to be there to watch it.  Then, when he was finished, the caterpillar's head suddenly popped off and fell to the ground.  I'm serious.  It was disgusting.  

Okay, I THOUGHT it was his head.  Apparently it was his behind.  I know this because I was quickly corrected by another volunteer, who informed me of this fact right after reprimanding me for exclaiming "gross!" when the head/butt/thingy fell off.  You'd have thought I said a cuss word, because he turned his solemn face toward me and scolded, "It is not gross. It is nature and it is beautiful."  Yikes, I offended a butterfly. Oh no wait, he was still a caterpillar.  Or was he something in between?  Well I offended a caterpillar/butterfly, if he could even hear me from inside of his cocoon...dang it, I mean, his chrysalis..........

It was finally warm enough today to spend some time in the Children's Garden, which we have anxiously been waiting to get back to all winter!

Thanks for coming with us Bekah! And happy (not) birthday to you, Sam!

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