On the Move

Last Sunday, I jealously watched my niece Becca (Luke's age) snuggle against her mother's chest, calmly, quietly, and awake, for HALF AN HOUR.  Wow.  That's 29 minutes and 55 seconds longer than the longest Luke cuddle I've ever had.  Luke is not a snuggler and he does not like to sit still. His motto seems to be that any moment stationary is a moment wasted.

This becomes more and more true for Luke as his walking skills improve.  He can now walk across an entire room as long as he has the aid of a walking toy. What's a walking toy, you say?  Well, my definition would be a toy with wheels and a handle at baby chest level, designed to help babies practice their walking skills.  Luke's definition, however, seems much broader than that.  Anything and everything that can hold him up while he pushes it along the floor has become a walking toy.

When Luke crawled over to a laundry basket I had left on the floor this morning, I thought that he was going to begin a favorite pastime of emptying all of the clean, folded laundry onto the floor.  But this is what he did instead.
Oh the joy of walking!
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