One baby, two baby

I used to think that having twins would be fun.  Fun?? Was I crazy? We had a taste of the double-trouble life the other day when we had Becca over to our house to play.  Christy takes care of Luke and Becca (and Jonathan and Michael) every day, and seems to do it with ease, so we thought it would be no problem.  After all, we had a 1-1 ratio.  But Luke and Becca decided to have a spit-up contest, just to test our parenting capabilities.  First, Becca spit up all over our kitchen floor.  Then Luke spit up all over Sam's shirt.  Then Becca spit up all over my shirt. And Luke spit up on Sam again. Once we got Becca into the swing, she spit up a third time. Of course we had no extra clothes for her, so she had to sit there wet. All of our burp cloths and our clothes were soaked, and we just sat together and laughed. God bless our friends with twins!

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