Paige's Baptism

November 11, 2012

As I write this post, today is November 24. That means that yes, I'm currently two weeks behind on this blog.  Don't judge me. I have long given up on achieving perfection, so you might as well stop expecting it!

I am finally filling you in with posts from our last two busy weeks. The strange thing is, I am currently sitting at Brian and Emily's house again as I write this post.  This is our second visit to Mt. Pleasant in two weeks.  I know what you're thinking, what could there possibly be to visit that often in the little town of Mt. Pleasant? Not much, honestly. 

Oh wait, except for our adorable niece Paige!

Okay, her family is pretty great too :)  

Here is the baptism princess catching some beauty sleep after her hard work getting loved on by God.

Luke and Judah had a blast playing with their cousins all day.  Luke especially loved all of the cars to be found in this house, and carried 3 or more in his arms the entire time he was here.  He can be quite the hoarder when it comes to automobiles.  So thank you, Cody and Allie, for sharing your toys with us!  And thank you Baby Paige for sharing your special day!

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