Potty Update

...august 8, 2011...day 55....

step 1. Teach Luke to sit patiently on the potty without screaming. We now know that the trick is to (a) never force him to sit on it and (b) tell him, "Do you want your blankie? Okay, you sit there, I'll go get it!" and then leave the room.  Using this (albeit deceitful) method, he has peed in the potty every single time, and never asked for his blankie afterword.

step 2. Luke learns to tell us when he has to go, before he goes in his trainers.  For the past week, he's been communicating this about twice a day.  Between that and us putting him on regularly, we've had almost no pee accidents.  #2 is a another story, though... until today. Today for the very first time ladies and gentlemen, Luke told me that he had to go potty and did his business before making any mess in his trainers!!! 

It was a bit traumatic at the time, but afterword, with lots of praise from Mommy, and accepting the exciting privilege of flushing the toilet by himself, Luke decided that he had done a very good job.

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