Scout can use the potty!

...friday, april 6, 2012...day 298...

About 9 months ago, I wrote a blog post about our potty training journey which you can read about here if you want to.  

This is another LONG potty post so if you don't want to read it, don't bother.  But, for those that care... here we go...

Last summer, Luke spent about 2 months wearing undies exclusively.  After he seemed to make little progress in his ability to detect when he was peeing, (and when our lives got considerably busier), we decided to quit the undies a while and switch back to diapers.  He's been using the potty in between diaper changes for about 6 months now.  Which is great, really, but... I am still washing loads of diapers every week! Grrr. Now that he's two years old, I feel that it must be within his ability to learn to know when he has to go.

We had a quiet week this week due to Spring Break, so I decided to give potty training some serious game time.   Goodbye diapers, hello undies and pull-ups. I really had no idea what to expect with this whole process, but I must say, these 2-year-old tantrums are making me wish we had stuck it out last summer!  For example, every time this week that I have asked to check Luke's undies to see if they are wet or dry, he has thrown a major fit and screamed, "No wet! No dry!!"  As if that makes any sense.  

I was at my wit's end yesterday. Thankfully like a good educated American woman I had checked out a few books on the subject to sustain me, so I scanned the pages last night looking for any ideas that might work with a 2-year-old. Certainly, I thought, with Luke being another year older, there must be more resources at my disposal.  And that's when I found the idea, tucked into the pages of a chapter on training toddlers: the dolly.

This is Scout. He is Luke's favorite doll. "Favorite" means he occasionally gets a hug or gets dragged into the crib at night.  Luke has never initiated pretend play with a doll before, so I didn't know how he would take to potty training one. But I needn't have worried.  This morning, when I told Luke that Scout had to use the potty, the biggest grin spread across that little man's face.  He jumped right in, telling me what books to read to Scout, and whether or not Scout was "all done".  We put undies on Scout, and when Luke sat down to eat breakfast, he insisted on sharing his toast with Scout. 

All day long, a timer goes off every 10 minutes, and every 10 minutes, we check Scout's undies and then Luke's undies.  Sometimes Scout's undies are dry, sometimes they are wet.  Luke still has a hard time telling the difference.  But so far, he has not complained about me checking his undies. Not even once. It feels like a miracle.

At 9 am, when Scout randomly informed us that he had to go potty, Luke walked him over to the potty and then stopped. He said to me, "No, LUKE potty." Then he did his business. Just like that. That's the first time he's ever told me that he has had to go!

Dear Scout, I love you. Sincerely, Michele

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