...monday, june 11, 2012...day 363...

Things are moving QUICKLY downstairs!  We ordered the carpet last week, and now we're putting the finishing touches on the walls & trim in the play room.  My assigned project was to create an accent wall for the room.  I thought about using wall paper but decided that was too expensive.  Then I considered stenciling the whole wall, which my friend Sarah convinced me would be WAY too much work. With her help, I decided on STRIPES. 

Sarah came over last weekend to help with the tedious part: the taping.  It probably would have been less tedious if we hadn't measured up from the (uneven) floor and ended up with two different walls with stripes a 1/2 foot off.  After a second round of measuring and taping, we were on our way.

We learned lots of techniques from this website http://www.centsationalgirl.com/2010/11/how-to-paint-perfect-stripes-on-walls/.  The most helpful was to paint OVER the tape with the background color, to seal in the tape and prevent leaks.

The next day, miss very-pregnant filled in the stripes.

Here's a great picture, especially because it shows what Sam calls his "progress bar" up top.

And its done! Love our new look!

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