Thanksmas Day 1

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It took a LOT of coordinating, planning, organizing, and packing, but we managed to keep our favorite family tradition alive for another holiday season! 19 of us gathered at my brother's house in Mt. Pleasant today for our biennual fun-filled ThanksMas Weekend. 

Today was of course filled with lots and lots of yummy food. I'm very impressed that we managed to all sit down at one table!

Everyone contributed to the meal, even my 7-year-old nephew, who made the cute turkey place settings. 

After a big meal, a predictable Lions loss, and nap time, everyone headed outside to blow off some energy.  Luke and Judah were happy as can be all weekend, due to the fact that so many of their favorite people were there to play with!

When I was a teacher I was told several times that I had "big interrogating blue eyes" (you can imagine how that came in handy). It looks like my son and my niece have both inherited this useful family trait. 

Another successful Thanksgiving with a great looking family! ;)

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