ThanksMas Day 2

Friday, November 23, 2012

Our long-awaited Christmas celebration day has finally arrived! It's been anticipated by all for many different reasons.

For some, it was the Black Friday outlet shopping. 

The successful early birds and their treasures

For others, it was a chance to hang out with their adorable nephews.

I think the uncles are winning.

For the kids, it was definitely the presents.  Luke bought a present for Jon this year.  Choosing something for another kid turned out to be a bit more than he could handle.  After we picked out a toy at the store, Luke kept asking me all the following week when he would be allowed to open it.  I explained repeatedly that the present was for Jon, but this did not phase him. He promised me that he would share the present with Jon on Christmas day.  When this line of reasoning did not work, he insisted that Jon would want to share his present with him.  When I still didn't allow him to open it, he turned rather nasty. I was forced to hide the present in the closet in the hopes that he would forget about it.  So yeah, Luke was very excited when present time finally came.

Thankfully, Jon was happy to share his new Cars set with Luke :)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

To see pictures from ThanksMas two years ago, click here.

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