The Stair Masters

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Luke has never been very adventurous in physical activities. He doesn't do any reckless climbing, jumping, swinging, or anything of that sort.  The child still claims that he cannot climb out of a pack'n'play.  

(If Luke gets into a crib, he will stand in it and cry for forever until we give in and pick him up.  I know 18 month-olds that have more skills than this guy.)  

Don't get me wrong - I like my kids to be tad cautious.  For example, Luke would be terrified to walk through a parking lot without holding my hand, and frankly, I am thrilled about that! 

But the stairs, ooh the stairs.  This has become a little ridiculous.  The boy is 3 years old and STILL craws down them. I've tried several times to get him to walk down the stairs on his feet, but he always refuses. I've told him that big kids do it. He doesn't care.  I've told him that all of his friends AND all of his cousins can do it.  He still refuses. (what happened to peer pressure?) But I finally found the key to motivating him to walk down the stairs - one simple, glorious sentence:

Your little brother can do it.

Ah, what a precious phrase.  Sibling rivalry? No, I am not afraid to promote it.  On the contrary, I welcome it. I am going to milk the heck out of it! Isn't that what having two boys is all about?

Okay let's be clear here, Judah cannot walk down the stairs. If that was true you'd have seen him on Good Morning America by now. 

But he is getting really good and crawling up and down the stairs. I mean REALLY good.  I've watched him do it about 30 times now without a single fall.  He seems too young to be given free stair access, but... maybe it's time? How many times does a mama have to watch her baby in action before she admits that he's ready? 

Anyway, his little brother's success was enough to encourage Luke to be adventurous, too. Here are my two boys, practicing their new stair-mastering skills.

My dear, cautious Luke - maybe there's hope for you yet!


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