U of M vs that ohio team

...saturday, november 26, 2011...day 167...

Saturday was a momentous day in Ann Arbor.  If you'd walked through the town in the afternoon, you'd have seen not a soul on the streets.  (I can't prove it, since I wasn't there, but... you get what I mean.) Everyone was either in the stadium or glued to their televisions at home.  We chose the television route, it being the more comfortable and cost-effective option, and a large crowd gathered at the Williamson house to watch the game.  To say that this family was invested in the outcome of this game would be a bit of an understatement.  They were jumping, shouting, cheering and (Christian-ly) cursing throughout the entire 4 hours. Even Luke refused to nap so that he could partake in the excitement.

Someone gave Luke potato chips, and just like that, he turned instantly into a couch potato.  It was scary.

Half-time break: reading books with Uncle Jonathan: so fun.  Luke loves The Little Engine that Could.

After the game, Uncle David taught Luke how to hike and pass the ball.  I must say, he got pretty good. I think we might have a future Wolverine on our hands!

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