We are thrilled that our little man is now eating table foods at every meal.  I believe that nutrition is very important for a small child, so in an effort to give Luke as many veggies as possible, we spent months 6-12 tirelessly peeling, baking, and pureeing all kinds of different vegetables for him. Now that Luke feeds himself whatever he can get his hands on, I find it difficult to motivate myself to face any more blenders full of orange mush.

But, what to feed a toddler? To save time and money, we've started giving him the same foods that we're eating: a scrambled egg and a banana for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch, etc.  But its hard to know what to do for vegetables, since we eat mostly raw veggies ourselves. (Scratch that - I eat mostly raw veggies. Sam believes that he filled his lifetime vegetable quota by the time he was eighteen years old.)  

However, carrot sticks hardly seem like the ideal snack for a person with only 7 teeth, so we've had to get creative.  Without making myself crazy cooking separate vegetables for Luke's every meal, I have found a few veggie staples that are quick and easy for me, and that Luke loves. DO NOT try these yourself.  Trust me, they are not tasty.

1. Cold canned peas.  We switched to canned peas after finding too many frozen ones ended up whole in our laundry machine. (That's after they'd been through Luke and his dirty diapers. YUCK.)  Mushy and soft, canned peas are apparently delicious if you are under 2.  Over 2 I recommend zero servings because they are disgusting.

2. Canned French style beans covered with melted cheese.  I made up this dish on a whim one day when Luke refused that canned beans (really, who can blame him) and it was a huge hit.  Apparently the fact that you are only supposed to use French style beans in Thanksgiving casseroles has not occurred to him.  (And please, nobody tell him!)

3. Grilled cheese with spinach.  I hid spinach in Luke's grilled cheese & turkey sandwich for the first time today when I was making our lunches.  He ate the whole thing!  Hallelujah.  As for me? Having a kid is certainly making me think twice about how many vegetables I put in my own mouth, but cooked spinach on a sandwich is just going too far. I think I'll take my spinach on the side with some dressing, and call it a day.
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