Wedding Season

This June was a wedding extravaganza for our family.  We were invited to three weddings in one week.  Thankfully all three took place on different evenings, and even though Sam could only attend 2, and I had to miss one rehearsal dinner, Luke somehow was able to go to and enjoy all three.  He did not scream through any of the ceremonies, he did not sleep through them either.  He simply laid contentedly in his car seat, quietly listening to the homilies and contemplating the complexities of the sacred institution of marriage.  Or maybe he was only thinking about how yummy fingers taste in the mouth. I'm not really sure.

Here's Luke with his handsome groomsman daddy:

and his bridesmaid mommy:

Luke was insistent that he get a picture with the brides and grooms.  I know he's kind of pushy about those things, but nobody seemed to mind.

John and Amy Hughes

Luke's new (/ finally official) Aunt Hillary!

Groom Andy, Best Man Nate, and Best Baby Boy Luke

Sadly, I was too busy playing single mom at Stephen & Helen's wedding to take any pictures. But congratulations to you, too! And happy marriages to you all! :)

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