Weekend in the Windy City

...saturday, february 25, 2012...day 258...

This weekend we ventured to the Windy City for a chance to visit our friends Joanna and Kyle. Yes, technically, Luke has been to Chicago before, but as he was a mere 3 months old at the time his memories of that experience are rather dim.  Here is a picture to prove it, though:

Now that he is two years old and a bit more rambunctious, Joanna and Kyle were fabulous playmates and kept the little guy entertained all weekend.  

We took Luke to the zoo for the first time.  His favorite animal was the aardvark, which he insisted on calling "piggy". 

Luke is obsessed with reading these days, and our friends were happy to oblige him.

The other entertainment for the weekend was provided by Kyle's many Lego creations, which Luke asked for all day long and managed to play with without destroying completely.  What a wonderful Saturday had by all.

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