Welcome to Chicagoland

When Luke and I heard that Auntie Hillary was having a shower & bachelorette party in Chicago, we knew we had to be there!  We drove to Chicago for the weekend to see our family and friends.  On Friday, we stayed at the Wassenars' house, who graciously found a portable crib to borrow just so that Luke could sleep in it.  The next night, while I attended the "party for just girls" (as my nephew Michael calls it), Luke got to spend time with Auntie Jo and Uncle Kyle at their apartment.  Here are some pics from our adventure.

Kyle spent hours repeating Uncle Kyle, Uncle Kyle, Uncle Kyle to Luke over and over again, to no avail.  He is adamant that Luke's first words must be "Uncle Kyle".  Tragically, Luke still cannot say anything except ah-goo.  I'm not too shaken up over it.

Here's Luke with the glowing bride. When we told Hillary that she and Andy were expected to do their part to increase the DeJong Nation, Hillary's response was, "I'm Catholic. That's what we do." So... here she is practicing for 10 months from now.

I love being changed in the car, Mom!

Auntie Rachel, Mommy & Luke - traveling buddies!

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