Work Weekend with Grandpa & Grandma

...friday, may 18 & saturday, may 19, 2012...days 339&340...

We were very blessed with a visit from Grandpa & Grandma W this weekend, who came for a few days to help us around the house.   Dad and Sam made great gains in the basement, the largest of which was the installation of the bathtub.

Mom impressed us all with her ability to landscape our entire yard while at the same time watching Luke all weekend.  I think I need to take lessons from this woman!

Of course, everyone spent some time for just sitting and playing with Luke, too.

And what did I do?  Hit up a season's worth of garage sales, ran several errands, painted and sewed to my heart's content, and even got to sleep in until 9am. It was glorious.

Thanks Mom and Dad for a fabulous weekend!

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